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MixIt has been servicing the concrete requirements of domestic and commercial clients for over 20 years from sites in London and Essex. My name is Glen and I am the Transport Manager for MixIt. Achieving FORS accreditation has helped us to gain contracts in London for some of the large building projects currently being undertaken and also to reduce our insurance claim rate and premium by 30% within 12 months.

The FORS accreditation had already been undertaken when I joined MixIt in 2013 and one of my first tasks was to undertake a bronze audit to continue with it. I found it a daunting task as I hadn't been involved with FORS before and was fairly unaware of the requirements. A lot of hard work later and some major tweaking of how I wanted systems to be run and used ensured we passed the bronze audit.

After the bronze audit the owner of the business (Jimmy Taylor) asked me "so when do we get silver?". I could see the benefits of achieving this and so began to use the online performance management tools and also saw that practitioner workshops were being held so I signed myself up to complete the courses in order and successfully completed this in July 2014. My main focus during the workshops was to understand how to make the steps from Bronze to Silver and eventually to Gold. During the workshops I made some good contacts from sponsors and have worked with several of these since, including training companies, telematics and camera suppliers. Those contacts have seen me introduce new systems for CCTV, driving licence checking and how we monitor fuel use.

"The owner of the business (Jimmy Taylor) asked me 'So when do we get silver?'"

The Safe Urban Driving CPC module has been a major factor in bringing down our insurance premium and our incident claim rate in the last 12 months. Although the drivers were unsure about "a test for cyclists" after completing the courses all of them had a positive experience and agreed it would make them more aware of cyclists whilst carrying out their daily activities. Other factors including live cctv monitoring on board vehicles has also helped us to reduce our insurance premium.

Due to the improvement of your loss ratio over the last 5 years, we have negotiated a reduction in the expiring rates with your existing Insurers of 8.5% per vehicle.

Your Loss Ratio of the last 3 years is as follows:
2011-2013 - 63% 2013-2014 - 60% 2014-2015 - 29.5%

FORS has become an integral part of our business and to achieve Gold and be continually improving performance and attitudes to safety would be a win win situation. More often than not when tendering for work we are asked about our status with FORS and often produce certification to our customers.
The things we have already achieved and the knowledge I can use as a FORS practitioner will ensure we can keep lowering our fuel spend and incident rates year on year.

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