Floor Screed

We supply a range of semi-dry and liquid screeds for our customers throughout London and Essex, designed to create the perfect finish on any concrete floor or roof. Whether you are covering underfloor heating, levelling an uneven surface, or providing additional insulation, Mix It can help you find the right floor screed for your requirements.


MIXIT Semi-Dry Cement: Sand Screeds

Traditional semi-dry levelling screeds are supplied via tippers from Mixit’s Readymix plants which allows for accurate proportioning of materials and a consistent quality floor screed. Mixit supply both 1:3 and 1:4 semi-dry screeds with or without the inclusion of fibres (to improve durability). Semi-dry screeds include an admixture to provide ample time for placement and finishing.


Is a pump applied free-flowing cementitious screed. Typically used over underfloor heating; its liquid consistency fully encapsulates the pipes resulting in uniform heat transfer across floor. It’s superior flexural strength of 5N/mm2 ensures it can be installed much thinner than standard semi-dry screeds and requires no reinforcement. Its flowing properties ensures an SR2 finish and is suitable for a full range of final floor finishes and cement-based adhesives. Longfloor binder additive ensures minimal shrinkage; bay sizes typically 100m2 (UFH) and 150m2. Non-moisture sensitive floor finishes can be installed between 7-14 days. A 50mm screed thickness with ideal drying conditions (20°C / 65%RH) should achieve 0.5% moisture at 21 days.

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Thermal lightweight aggregate screed. Suitable for a wide range of roof and flooring applications; MIXIT TLA can replace traditional rigid insulation boards and provides significant reduction in site off-cuts wastage. MIXIT TLA is ideal for uneven ground floors or those with multiple conduits across the slab. MIXIT TLA is delivered in our readymix trucks, is pumped into place and cures 10x faster than traditional screeds. The combination of EPS beads and cement creates a lightweight screed that has exceptional thermal, weight and acoustic performance.

Download the MIXIT TLA Data sheet


Concrete flooring screed (currently under development) with Longfloor binder to produce a concrete screed with a minimum thickness of 75mm and minimal shrinkage.

A builder in a high vis and hard hat on site evening out floor screed mix to ensure it is flat

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