Mix On Site & Onsite Mixing Service

Mix On Site & Onsite Mixing concrete for london & South East
Mix On Site & Onsite Mixing concrete for london & South East
Mix On Site & Onsite Mixing concrete for london & South East
Onsite Mix Overview
When it comes to Mix On Site & Onsite Mixing services anywhere in South East England including Kent, Essex and London, MixIt is the ideal choice. Our concrete Mix On Site & Onsite Mixing facilities allow you to order as small quantity as 1m3, and later if you find yourself in need of more, it is instantly available upon your request.

Regardless of your purpose behind ordering concrete volume, be it for foundations, flooring, agricultural projects, floor screeds, or for DIY, our Mix On Site & Onsite Mixing service suits all sizes and types of projects.
Concrete Mix On-site Vehicles
With our innovative Kaizen vehicles, MixIt is able to supply any concrete mix you require on site just by changing the settings on the vehicle. So, if you need one concrete Onsite Mixing for a floor slab and another on site mix for the foundations of the building, our mix on-site service is the answer. Our Kaizen mixers utilise cutting edge technology, allowing us to make concrete of a far higher grade than traditional concrete trucks.

We own a wide fleet of trucks that feature a hydraulic delivery chute reachable up to 6 meters. We can also load barrow, pumps or dumpers to ensure you need the least preparation before our truck reaches your site.
Top Benefits of Using Our On-site Mixed Service
  • You can mix the exact amount needed on the site, so you can reduce the waste of concrete mix on site significantly, which in turn save your money and contribute its share to the environmental sustainability.
  • Great flexibility to order any size of concrete batch
  • Zero hidden cost
  • Prepare any mix of concrete onsite, whatever your requirements
  • When you hire a Kaizen mixer vehicle, concrete mix is prepared on site and thus you get more time to lay it before actual setting takes place Dedicated customer service available 24/7.
We provide Mix On Site & Onsite Mixing services across London and the South East. We use the most advanced and latest Kaizen mixer vehicles to provide the best on-site concrete in the market today. Want to know more about our mixed on-site service? Call Today On 02075382266
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