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Why You Should Be Using Ready Mix Concrete

As suggested by its name, ready mix concrete is concrete that has been pre-made off-site at one of our mixing plants, with aggregate, additives, water, and cement as its basic components. Once made, it is then delivered in one of our drum mixer vehicles directly to your work site.

Here at MixIt, we supply ready mix concrete to multiple locations in North London and Essex, and we truly believe it is the best concrete to use for any project. We’ve outlined some of its benefits below, to show you why you should be using ready mix concrete. 

A versatile concrete

Ready mix concrete is suitable for a range of uses including concrete floors, foundations, and floor screeds, in both domestic and commercial settings. It can also be used for projects of any size, starting as small as just 2m³, making it easy to tailor to your individual needs. Before placing your order, why not make use of our free and easy to use concrete calculator to work out the exact volume of concrete you require.

A high-quality concrete

Our ready mix concrete is mixed specifically for you by our team of experts to make sure it caters to your exact requirements. By doing this, we can guarantee we are providing you with the highest quality product possible before it even leaves the mixing plant. 

An efficient concrete

As a large amount of the work involved with ready mix concrete is done before delivery, it can be a great option to help minimise your labour costs, by ensuring you are only ordering the amount of concrete that you need.

Having such great coverage from our four depots, we always aim to deliver our concrete to your site within the necessary timeframe. We also provide pumping services, which enables versatility in manoeuvring the concrete to the area it is needed, increasing efficiency. The use of technology within our vehicles means we are also able to offer efficient delivery services, with GPS tracking on all of our vehicles and a text message sent straight to your mobile letting you know the estimated time of delivery.

At MixIt, we ensure our ready mix concrete is not only delivered to you as efficiently as possible but also as safely as possible. All our vehicles are fitted with CCTV and voice automated signalling, as well as an abundance of signage. This not only increases the safety of the drivers in our vehicles, but most importantly pedestrians and cyclists.

Ordering your ready mix concrete

MixIt can supply high-quality yet low-cost ready mix concrete to help meet all your concrete delivery and placement needs, whatever the nature or size of your project. Take a look at our coverage map to find out if we deliver to your area, and give us a call today to place your order. 

To find out more about our ready mix concrete delivery services, contact our dedicated customer service team on 0207 538 2266 or email [email protected]

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Here we highlight the journey of Ready Mix concrete from the batching plant to the actual usage area of the construction project, and in this process we will answer various FAQ's about Ready Mix Concrete.


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