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Technology At The Forefront Of Concrete Company Growth

Although the ready mix concrete industry itself hasn't changed much over the years, the technology supplying the concrete has certainly adapted to make it easier for the construction industry.

As MixIt Concrete Company looks to expand even further in East London, a new Kaizen mixer vehicle will be improving the on site mixing services that MixIt can offer. This high tech mobile batching plant is only one of the technological advancements of MixIt as a company, with paperless systems, handheld ticketing and delivery tracking all now part of the service that MixIt offers. With the construction industry forecast to grow by more than six percent, MixIt is leading the way with both its technology and quality, all backed by the highest industry standards.

White concrete mixer with large yellow and grey Mixit branding


Here we highlight the journey of Ready Mix concrete from the batching plant to the actual usage area of the construction project, and in this process we will answer various FAQ's about Ready Mix Concrete.


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