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MixIt becomes more Environmentally Friendly

MixIt concrete has taken yet another step in the direction of being a more environmentally friendly company. Having already been recognised as a leading recycler of concrete and aggregate, MixIt is now turning its attention to its vehicles.

With a large fleet in constant action across London and Essex, any changes MixIt makes to its vehicles will have a significant impact on its environmental impact. Therefore, the recent addition of one of Mercedes' innovative Econic trucks shows the direction MixIt intends to go with its ever-growing fleet in the future.

Mercedes claim the Econic not just reduces fuel consumption by 4% and AdBlue by up to 40% but also drastically reduces emissions and particulate matter by up to 90% in comparison to previous Euro V engines.

With MixIt trucks often delivering concrete to residential construction projects, this will surely make a welcome break for neighbours. The Econic also sets a new standard when it comes to safety. Drivers will now have unparalleled views of the road and vehicle surrounds thanks to the large windscreen and additional mirrors that help make blind spots a thing of the past.

Even the drivers will like these new trucks as fewer steps and a new air suspension help make accessing and riding in the cabin a far less traumatic experience. It would seem as if there is no downside to these new vehicles. However, Jim Taylor, who has been running MixIt for over 20 years, is not quite so sure


"Trucks have got a long way to go before they meet the safety requirements in towns and cities, especially related to cyclists.". The Econic may be a little too low for the traditional sites that MixIt concrete visit. The easy access is ideal for rubbish and recycling collectors whose operators are constantly in and out of the cabin.

However, Jim Taylor currently prefers the Actros whose higher cabin gives superior visibility when on site. Whatever happens, the MixIt fleet will all be powered by Euro VI engines, which Jim Taylor says will please customers as well as improve fuel costs for the business.

"We supply a lot of domestic projects and as such are constantly accessing residential areas. Not only are the new trucks cleaner and safer, but they also have better handling which makes it far easier for us to supply our customers." MixIt are expecting the trial period to show benefits for both the environment and the company and are hoping to significantly increase the number of envirnmentally friendly vehicles in their fleet in 2016.

New Mixit branded truck on the Mixit site parked up near the office buildings


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