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Spiral concrete staircase which Mixit provided the concrete pump

The Sustainability of Concrete

Concrete is the most consumed building material in the world, with its versatile properties making it ideal for a number of different structures, from towering office blocks to bridges. As time goes...

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Large concrete floor screed in a medium sized warehouse while someone is flatening the floor

The Benefits Of Concrete Floors

For some people, concrete floors may be perceived as industrial or clinical, being associated with warehouses and factories. However, while concrete floors are incredibly common in these...

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Building site funnel for concrete movement across site

Five Uses For Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is an incredibly versatile material, suitable for use in a variety of construction projects. With the durability of regular concrete combined with the efficiency of offsite mixing,...

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Mixit branded concrete mixer truck on site with large concrete silos with Mixit branded on them

Why You Should Be Using Ready Mix Concrete

As suggested by its name, ready mix concrete is concrete that has been pre-made off-site at one of our mixing plants, with aggregate, additives, water, and cement as its basic components. Once made,...

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Tey school headteacher opening the school after Mixit had finished their works

MixIt's Jim Taylor Soft Play Building Project for Corbets Tey School

MixIt's Jim Taylor made the following statement regarding the Soft Play Building Project for Corbets Tey School. "We are pleased to announce the completion of the construction of our soft...

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Drone view of the Mixit yard with hundred of assorted concrete blocks

MixIt's Solid Dense Concrete Blocks

MixIt's Concrete Blocks are offered to you direct from the concrete block manufacturer, therefore cutting out the need for the middle man, this assures you a good price on your concrete blocks as well as a great product.

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White concrete mixer with large yellow and grey Mixit branding

Technology At The Forefront Of Concrete Company Growth

Although the ready mix concrete industry itself hasn't changed much over the years, the technology supplying the concrete has certainly adapted to make it easier for the construction...

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Ready mix concrete London being picked up by yellow diggers and being transported

MixIt arrives in Barking

MixIt Concrete has opened its newest plant in Barking, Essex. This is the third concrete plant the London based concrete firm now operates and gives MixIt even better accessibility to be able to...

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New Mixit branded truck on the Mixit site parked up near the office buildings

MixIt becomes more Environmentally Friendly

MixIt concrete has taken yet another step in the direction of being a more environmentally friendly company. Having already been recognised as a leading recycler of concrete and aggregate, MixIt is...

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MixIt raises 25k for local school

Jim Taylor of MixIt helped to raise £25,000 for a local school that works with over 100 children who have complex learning needs. Jim Taylor, who regularly organises charity events for local...

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MixIt recognised as a leading recycler of concrete

MixIt were recognised as a leading recycler of concrete and aggregate by Schwing Stetter who manufacture the concrete recycling system. The article, which appeared in the UK Construction Journal not...

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MixIt Calls For Government To Ban Volumetric Concrete Mixers

Jim Taylor from MixIt has firmly stated his opinion on the ongoing debate on the legalities of volumetric concrete mixers by dismantling his fleet and investing heavily in finding an alternative...

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Here we highlight the journey of Ready Mix concrete from the batching plant to the actual usage area of the construction project, and in this process we will answer various FAQ's about Ready Mix Concrete.


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