MixIt recognised as a leading recycler of concrete.
MixIt were recognised as a leading recycler of concrete and aggregate by Schwing Stetter who manufacture the concrete recycling system. The article, which appeared in the UK Construction Journal not only mentions the environmental benefits associated with recycling the aggregate, but also the financial implications to any concrete business. Check out the key benefits to concrete recycling below:

The cost of dumping the mixture in landfill is completely removed, including the cost of transporting it there. The reclaimed aggregate can be used in fresh concrete, decreasing the cost of concrete production. Less products going into landfill means a cleaner environment and refuse dumps filling up less quickly. Companies using sustainable management systems can be officially recognised with ISO 14001 certification. Using recycled water to wash out machines saves a great deal of water and therefore on the cost of water.

Check out the full article online here to find out more about the work Schwing Stetter do in creating concrete reclaiming equipment and why they chose MixIt as their leading concrete recycling company.
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