Kaizen Onsite Mixing

Kaizen Onsite Mixing
Kaizen Onsite Mixing
Kaizen Onsite Mixing

Kaizen - What is it?
The ancient Japanese philosophy of Kaizen means continuous improvement and is a guiding principal behind many global corporations, small businesses and individuals to simply do better. Now it is shaking up an unexpected area of industry as the name for a new type of revolutionary Onsite mixing vehicle at MixIt one of Britain's fastest growing concrete firms.
Kaizen - Is There a Need?
You would be forgiven for thinking that there had not been many recent advancements in the world of Onsite mixing concrete. However, according to Jim Taylor of MixIt concrete, there is a gap in the market, and he thinks he's fixed it.

On site mixing has recently been the realm of volumetric trucks, mobile batching plants that mix concrete on site from the materials stored within the containers. These trucks drive from a concrete plant to the job site and are able to create a steady stream of concrete until the raw materials run out . So why does this need to change?

Jim Taylor (MixIt) has identified a number of reasons that the volumetric trucks need to be phased out, and replaced with new Kaizen Onsite mixing mixers, a revolutionary design that Jim is overseeing himself.
Firstly, the quality of concrete is not as good as it could be. Onsite mixing Concrete and aggregate are not weighed in a volumetric truck, using volume-related measurements instead. This leaves a greater capacity for error compared with the Kaizen Onsite mixing mixer, which Jim describes as a weigh-batched mobile batching plant. Weighing ensures the perfect mix of Onsite mixing concrete and aggregate and when mixed thoroughly in the Kaizen's mixer, produces a superior final concrete product.
Secondly, the Kaizen can create a greater range of concrete products. "With the Kaizen, I can do any mix a plant can do, and I can easily get unto 70 Newton from a mix" said Taylor when talking about the functionality of the new mixer. It can even create waterproof concrete, perfect for basements and underground building projects, which no volumetric Onsite mixing truck could offer."Using high performance plasticisers and retarders, we can create any kind of concrete, including screeds and flowable screeds".
Finally, Jim mentioned the importance of driver safety to MixIt as a company. "Soon, MixIt will have over 60 trucks on the road, so looking after our employees is a top priority" Taylor mentioned when asked why the switch away from volumetric trucks. Currently, volumetric trucks operate outside of many of the Department of Transport regulations as these only apply to design weights. When a volumetric truck is loaded, it can easily weigh up to 50 tonnes, and this can currently be operated on just a car license. "The Kaizen mobile Onsite mixing batching plant will be completely legal under Department of Transport regulations, and all of our drivers have the necessary training and certification to make them safe on the road" Taylor proudly stated.

Taylor's attention to detail means the design has been continually refined, addressing every element important both to concrete production as well as driveability. One of the latest updates sees a steerable rear axle, helping make the Kaizen Onsite mixing capable of a 7 metre turning circle as opposed the to 20 metre radius currently required by volumetric trucks.

The Kaizen Onsite mixing mixers are still a few weeks away from being complete. If you want more information in the meantime, MixIt will be happy to help.
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