Concrete Floors & Floor Screed

Ready Mix Concrete For Commercial concrete floors & Floor Screed use in London & South East
Ready Mix Concrete For Commercial concrete floors &Floor Screed use in London & South East
Ready Mix Concrete For Commercial concrete floors & Floor Screed use in London & South East
Top Quality Concrete Floors
At MixIt, we specialize in supplying the superior quality concrete products to ensure a perfect aesthetics, strength and durability. Regardless if you are a residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, medical, chemical or retail facility, we have the right concrete floor & floor screed solution for all sorts of clients across London and the South East.
Concrete Floor Screed
Concrete Floor & floor screed are inevitable for applying the perfect final finish to your concrete structures and here at MixIt, we provide our London based clients with pre-mixed floor screeds for a host of applications as well as construction projects.

Regardless of which concrete floor screed you choose, we assure you that it will best fit your project specifications, no matter if it is structural or surface finish. Our finest grade of concrete mix for floor screed assure you of smoother surface finish in concrete floors & floor screed, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications. We mix floor screed at our plants and supply every part of the London, Essex and Kent with our wide fleet of specialist vehicles at the most competitive rates for your requirements.

No matter if you are building a floor for carpet or thinking of leaving the finished concrete floor as it is, our superior quality floor screed in London brings in the perfect finish for your needs.
Experienced Concrete Floors
With our many years of experience and unrivalled expertise, we can cater to concrete flooring needs of construction projects of all sizes and scales. And thus, no matter if you require concrete floor for a domestic renovation or for a large-scale project, we guarantee finest quality of concrete for floors in London.
Why Choose Us?
Our expert team specializes in preparing concrete batches in a range of strengths and grades, tailored to exact match your project specifications. We also help you determine the exact volume of concrete mix needed for your project, so you will prevent yourself from over or under ordering, ensuring best value for money.
Our Concrete Floors are Durable
MixIt concrete flooring products are extremely tough and thus they can withstand high level of pressure from heavy vehicles like cars, trucks and crates, making it a perfect solution for commercial buildings, warehouses and garages. Thanks to high durability, our concrete floors & floor screed are very hard to damage. And thus, the floors will not receive any scratch from high heels, pet claws and furniture legs. While you may find it easy to build durable floors, a tiny error in mixing or placing the concrete can make it weak. It needs specific skill-set and knowledge to succeed in building a durable floor. And that's exactly where we come on the scene. Contact us today for durable concrete flooring & floor screed in London and the South East.
Our Concrete Floors are Easy to maintain.
Amongst all flooring options, concrete has the lowest maintenance expense. Our concrete specialist team can provide you with a comprehensive guide on concrete flooring & floor screed maintenance. If looked after properly, concrete floors can last many decades ensuring the best value for money.
Our Concrete Floors are Environment-friendly.
Concrete flooring is a green product, as there is no carbon footprint and no depletion of valuable resources. Want to contribute to a greener environment? Call us today to order concrete flooring & floor screed! Moreover, a dull-looking concrete floor is a distant story now. Owing to advances in concrete mixing and setting, engineers are able to achieve a great variety of textures and colours in concrete flooring. A concrete floor is a perfect solution for buildings looking for a stable, long lasting and evenly laid surface. At MixIt, we supply a wide range of concrete for floors throughout London, mixed to your exact project specifications by our concrete specialists.
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