Concrete Pump Hire in London

Concrete Pumping Overview

Quite often the shifting of concrete can be a laborious task thanks to the limited capacity of skips and wheelbarrows. If you need concrete in an awkward place that’s not directly accessible then our concrete pump hire service is the solution for you, providing a much quicker and efficient solution to your concrete placing needs.

We have been providing concrete for both commercial and domestic clients in London and Home Counties for over 30 years now and have created a concrete calculator to help you determine exactly how much ready mix concrete you require to the nearest M³, eliminating the guessing and chance of wastage. You can try out our concrete calculator for yourself here.

Concrete pumps don’t require as much water, preventing shrinkage and cracks once the concrete is placed and leaving you with a strong and durable end product. This will save you money in the long run, not needing to keep paying for repairs or new pours. They’re also incredibly efficient, allowing you to place and pour concrete in under 6 minutes which can prove invaluable for time constrained projects.

Why MixIt?

We take the time to consider that you want a clean site, so we ensure that when we are pumping concrete that it only goes where you want making sure there are no messy surprises.

No matter the size of your project or the propriety mix of your concrete, we have concrete line pumps to suit all requirements, helping to provide the perfect concrete delivery solution for you. Our concrete pumping service is solely for those within London, please see the image below for the areas that we cover to ensure we can help assist you with your concreting needs.

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The expert team here at Mix It are available from 6:30am to 6pm on weekdays and 7am to 12pm on Saturdays, and are always on hand to offer our customers a first-class level of service. We can even deliver your concrete outside of our standard opening hours, however an additional charge will apply.

If you would like to talk to us about hiring a concrete pump or if you have any questions you can contact us on 0207 538 2266, or send us an enquiry through our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

For more information about our concrete line pumps you can view our concrete pump hire facts page that goes into the details about our concrete pumping service.


Here we highlight the journey of Ready Mix concrete from the batching plant to the actual usage area of the construction project, and in this process we will answer various FAQ's about Ready Mix Concrete.


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