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MixIt (Modern Mix) has been operational since 1983. MixIt being part of Modern Mix has been servicing the concrete requirements of domestic and commercial clients for over 30 years. We have started our first plant in Bow, and then gradually expanded into our plants in Tilbury; Barking and most recently Edmonton, which allows us the resources to serve many surrounding areas.

Throughout our concrete career, we have served commercial and housing, engineering, and many other sectors with our best in class concrete solutions available at the most competitive rates. If you have been shopping around for prices, we guarantee to meet and if not, beat any quotation, in order to deliver the most attractive price and additionally- quality to our customers.

Our expert technicians have proved their ability to communicate, coordinate and deliver productively, regardless of the size and type of your construction project. Our team also specialises in resourcing and supplying the exact demand of concrete mixes.

While we have surpassed numerous milestones in our years of service, we are still keen on developing our expertise at the fastest pace and accommodate the best concrete equipment in every project we undertake.

Concrete delivery via concrete mixer truck infront of the Mixit machinery for concrete blocks

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